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Sustainable forests: a key factor for the paper industry in both Europe and México.

Overall, there is a strong and important link between the forest and cardboard industries.

More than 90% of the wood fibers used in the European paper and cardboard sector are sourced from EU wooded areas, and over 78% of these derive from sustainably managed and certified landscapes. These initiatives play a significant role in combating climate change and have brought woodland preservation to the forefront of political discussions in many nations.

Forest certification makes sure that the wood in a product comes from a well-managed

forest, with a checked chain of custody from where it's grown to the customer. Globally, 432

million hectares (about 11% of all forested areas) are certified as well-managed, mainly in North

America and Europe.

In México, following this careful approach ensures that raw materials are eco-friendly, while

also making sure these essential resources continue. Sustainable forest management involves

responsible practices, like replanting and preserving natural habitats, creating a crucial balance

between industrial growth and nature conservation.

In this situation, Litoplas stands out by joining the sustainability effort. The company

understands the importance of using wood from well-managed forests, contributing to the

preservation of these crucial ecosystems. By adopting this practice, Litoplas not only ensures

the high quality of its products but also actively takes part in building a more sustainable

future for the industry.


Redacción Litoplas.



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