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Digitalization is changing the packaging industry.

The packaging industry has been significantly disrupted by digitalization, leading to an unprecedented transformation in how we conceive, produce, and use packaging. In this context, companies have a significant opportunity to innovate and gain competitive advantages in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.

The revolution begins in the design process, thanks to the availability of 3D modeling tools and advanced software, enabling the creation of more appealing and functional packaging. This translates into products that not only safeguard and maintain their contents but also appeal to consumers.

Production efficiency has seen substantial improvements due to digitalization as well. High-speed printers allow for on-demand production, reducing waste and costs linked to large print quantities. Furthermore, the automation of production lines has boosted both speed and precision, resulting in increased productivity.

Digitalization has also improved traceability within the packaging supply chain. Companies can use sensors and tracking technology -like QR codes- to monitor the movement of items and product safety, leading to greater transparency to earn consumer trust. Digital processes are drastically transforming the packaging industry, offering companies the chance to innovate and meet consumer demands.

At Litoplas, we understand that digitalization is essential to stay at the forefront of the packaging industry. We make use of new technologies to improve our ability to serve our customers and stay ahead of their needs in an ever-changing world.

Text by Litoplas.

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